Every December we run an annual Holiday Raid event in Viking Clan. Holiday Raids are very similar to our regular Raids, but with a few key differences. This article will teach you all the ins and outs of the Holiday Raid event including how defeating Raid Bosses can earn you and every other player in the game some free holiday loot!

A promotional image featuring a shirtless Viking with muscles and tattoos who otherwise resembles Santa Claus.

Our festive Raids task players with "Building Toys" in order to defeat their Raid Bosses rather than attacking. Be careful! Although Building Toys helps to spread the holiday spirit, it's also hard work… Raid Parties will need to keep up their "Cheer" instead of Health if they want to earn efficient XP in their Raids.

Additionally, each time a Holiday Raid Boss is defeated, the entire Viking Clan community will make progress towards unlocking Holiday Raid Checkpoints. When enough Bosses have been defeated and a Checkpoint has been reached, each and every Viking Clan player will earn a gift! These gifts come in the form of special Holiday Loot Chests, which are stocked full of in-game rewards.

The more Checkpoints completed by the Viking Clan community the more Loot Chests players will earn, with higher Checkpoints paying out several Loot Chests at once! All in all, a total of 10 Holiday Loot Chests can be earned, as long as enough Raid Bosses are defeated to satisfy the final Checkpoint.

An in-game screenshot displaying a green meter which tracks Raid progress.

These Loot Chests are only paid out once the Raid event is finished! No matter how much you contributed to the Holiday Raids, be sure to log in and collect your gifts after the last Raids disappear, 8 days after the start of the Holiday Raid event.