Welcome to the Raid Games!
In this twist on Raid Events, players will be joining one of five teams, with whom they will complete checkpoints, earn rewards, and compete for the coveted Gold Medal Achievement!
There’s a couple things to go over about the Raid Games, including the pre-registration period, so let’s get started.
(To learn more about Raid Bosses in general please see here)
For a period of time prior to the Raid Event starting (we will announce it in our weekly TGIF post), team pre-registration will be open. During this time, players can choose to join one of five color-coordinated teams.
Raid Games is set up to have the teams be as even as possible: each team will only take a certain number of members at a time and will be locked if it has too many players at the moment. Once the teams balance out a bit more, locked teams may be open to be joined again, so if you’re eager to join a specific team, make sure to keep an eye out!
Once you’ve selected a team, you’ll be on that team when the event starts. However, you do get one total team change during the entire event. This means that you can change teams once during pre-registration or the Raid Games themselves. Use this wisely, though! You can only do this once so if you change teams during the pre-registration, you won't be able to switch again.
Anyone not in a team when the Raid Games start will be automatically assigned one when they log in.
Raid Games
When the Raid Games begin, players will see their chosen team’s progress bar along with all the checkpoints. Actions (Attacks and Heals) done by every member of the team will contribute towards progressing through the checkpoints. Every action done on a Raid Boss, even if that Boss contains members from different teams, will contribute to your own team’s progress.
For every checkpoint reached, you’ll earn a special item starting with Commons, through to Superiors and eventually the coveted Premium items! There are nine total checkpoints to complete. You’ll be able to see all nine on desktop, but mobile will only show a few of them due to size constraints.
Numbers may not be representative of your game.
As mentioned in the opening section, the Raid Games will have a winner. In previous iterations of the Raid Games, the team that reached the final checkpoint first was the winner, and every team after them will have placed in accordance with when they finished.  However, in Raid Games 2.0 there is no final checkpoint and the winner will be determined by the total number of actions. Don't fret if you don't make it first to a specific checkpoint! It's all about the total actions - whichever team has the most when the event ends is the overall winner!
A note on switching teams during the Raid Games: if you didn’t switch during pre-registration, you can do so once during the Games with a couple considerations. One, switching teams doesn’t bring your contributed actions with you, so if you do actions for the Red team and switch to Yellow, you’ll have essentially contributed nothing to the Yellow cause.
Two, if you collect an item reward from a checkpoint for the team you’re on, you’ll be locked into that team for the remainder of the Raid Games.
So pick a team, form Chat Groups for maximum coordination and compete to bring home the top prize!
Placement Rewards
Wondering how to claim the rewards for your team's final placement in the Raid Games? Once the event officially concludes, simply head to your Raids page! You should see a popup that shows off your well-deserved rewards.
If you miss the popup or forget which prizes you earned, you can always check out the "Feats of Strength" section under the "Bosses" category of your Achievements.