If someone is relentlessly Attacking, Axe Slapping or Bountying you and getting in the way of your play, you can use Protection to get some breathing room from their "Griefing."

Protection won’t stop anyone from making Bounty attacks, Attacking in the Arena, attacking for War Points, or from trying to take you down if somebody else Bounties you, but it will block all other forms of aggression between two players.

What is “Griefing”?
Attacking, Axe Slapping, and Bountying are all actions that can contribute to Griefing.
Attack Griefing is when someone in your Fight Range Attacks and/or Axe Slaps a character 1000+ more times than their opponent hits back.

Bounty Griefing occurs when someone places a character on the Bounty 10+ more times than their opponent bounties them back. Please note, this will not be a trigger for protection if the player attacking you is within your level range (+/- 10% of your level)"

This threshold is reset if 24 hours go by without aggressive action.

Something to remember: if you’re Griefing others, it's harder for you to get Protection for yourself! The threshold for you to access this feature will be set significantly higher if someone has Protected themselves from you within the past 7 days.

Using Protection
The option to Protect yourself against someone is only visible when the Griefing threshold has been reached. If you do qualify for Protection against someone, on desktop you will see the option to enable it on both on the Profile of the player who has been Griefing you and under the Protection tab on your Rivals Page. On the mobile app tap on your rivals tab and you can activate it from there.

Protection is free to enable and lasts three days. Choose wisely though! You can only Protect yourself from one person at a time and won't be able to disable it early.

Note: The highest level players in the game are considered capable of protecting themselves, so if you're higher than the average level of the top 30 players on the leaderboard, this feature is unavailable.

Sorry guys, but that’s the price you pay for being at the top!