We’re sorry to hear another player is causing difficulties in the World Chat Channel. We provide a few tools and options for players to curate a better chat experience.

World Chat is generally meant for friendly conversation among our players. No insults, sexual language or hostility permitted. Players guilty of violating these terms risk losing their World Chat privileges.

We highly recommend you mute any player that is bothering you. You can do so by hovering over their name in the Chat Window, then hitting the blue “Mute” selection.

To unmute someone, click the Gear on the top right of the chat window, find them in your Muted Players list and and click Unmute.

You can also let us know about a potential violation by reporting them using the in game report tool. Please include the link of the offending player and a screenshot of the violation. If you click a player’s profile, you have the option of “Report Player” which will automatically generate a ticket for you.

If a player is causing difficulties in a private chat group, please remember we do not moderate any content beyond threats pertaining to a real world confrontation. In this case, please mute the offending player or leave the chat group.