Have you gazed upon the breadth of your empire and wept, for you have no more Locations yet to conquer? Then Prestige Locations might be for you!

What is "Prestige Locations?"

Prestige Locations is a feature that allows you to go back to a previously completed Location and reset your progress to zero. This will enable you to do all of the Location's Jobs again at a higher difficulty level, netting you more Cash and XP as a payout, and providing the opportunity to earn brand new Achievements. Be warned: the Energy required to complete these Jobs will also increase!

Choosing to Prestige a Location

Choosing to Prestige a Location is an important and permanent decision. Once you Prestige a Location you WILL NOT be able to regress back to the previous version. For example, unlocking a Bronze Prestige tier means that you cannot go back to the regular version of that Location, and unlocking Silver will prevent you from returning to Bronze.

As a result, anytime you advance to a new Prestige tier in a Location, you are agreeing to permanently change the Energy costs, Cash rewards, XP payouts, and item drops for that area's Jobs. 

Important note: There are NO LONGER any item drops nor item requirements for Prestige tier Jobs. If you're eager to load up on old item drops in any particular Location, be sure to do so before advancing that Location to the Bronze Prestige tier.

Choosing to Prestige one Location will have no impact on your other Locations. Players can decide for themselves which Locations they would like to Prestige, and which tiers to unlock at each Location. Each level of Prestige only applies to the Location it is selected on, so advancing to Silver in Havana will not make all eligible Locations Silver, only Havana.

The Prestige Tiers

Currently, Prestige comes in three different tiers: Bronze, Silver and Gold. You will unlock Bronze Prestige first and progress upwards from there. Players will be eligible to Prestige a location only after completing 100% of that Location's regular Jobs. Similarly, in order to advance from Bronze to Silver, you will need to fully complete the Bronze tier Jobs.

Whenever you fully complete a Prestige tier in a Location, you'll earn an Achievement. Prestige Achievements will provide a new resource, Prestige Coins, which players can only spend in the Prestige Shop. The higher tiers you complete, the more Prestige Coins you will earn for each Achievement.

The Prestige Shop

Once you unlock a Prestige Location for the first time, you'll gain access to the Prestige Shop. Inside this special store, you can exchange Prestige Coins for exclusive customization options and strong items that you can’t find anywhere else!

The Prestige Shop items will be highly exclusive! Players will only be able to buy each item once, and completing the Bronze, Silver, and Gold tiers in one Location will not provide enough Prestige Coins to collect every item in the Shop. Additionally, Prestige Shop items will not be available forever: the Shop's wares will change after several months, so keep your eyes peeled for news on upcoming restocks! 

Other Important Notes

  • Prestige Location's are meant for Higher Tier players and cost more energy to complete jobs.
  • The first available Prestige Locations in Mob Wars LCN are Havana, Sydney, Miami and Palermo. You will need to fully complete each locations Jobs in order to Prestige the Location
  • More Prestige Locations will be coming soon!
  • As long as you have not fully completed a Location's current Prestige tier, Prestige Jobs in the Location will count towards Syndicate Quests, Gamer Points, and Battle Pass Challenges.
  • Jobs from the highest-possible Prestige tier in each Location will always count towards Syndicate Quests, Gamer Points, and Battle Pass Challenges, even if the top tier has been fully completed.
  • Again, there are no item drops nor item requirements for Prestige Locations.
  • Prestige Locations does not impact Location Properties in any way.
  • Prestige Locations does not impact Location Bosses in any way.