To help celebrate the holidays, we've introduced a Secret Santa event to run alongside our December Raids. We hope you're in the giving mood, players, because 'tis the season! Read on to learn how you can give free FP gifts to your whole Syndicate!

Coinciding with the start of the annual Holiday Raid and Sale, Secret Santa will begin on the Thursday at 9:00 AM Pacific, and run until the following Friday at noon.Throughout the event, any time a Syndicate member makes an in-game purchase of FP, that purchase will go towards a Syndicate-wide Secret Santa progress bar. When the progress bar is completed, every Syndicate member will receive a free gift of 20 FP from Secret Santa! If you fill the progress bar beyond 100% any extra percentage points will go towards your Syndicate's next Secret Santa progress bar. Since the holidays are all about giving, there is no limit to the number of gifts that Santa can deliver to your Syndicate!

It's just that simple! However, there are a few details we want you to be aware of…

Can I take part in Secret Santa if I'm not in a Syndicate?

No. This event is for Syndicates only! If you're not a member of a Syndicate, be sure to join one before the event begins. If you're a leader or officer for your Syndicate, be sure to recruit a full group of players in order to maximize the gift giving season! 

Who can contribute to the progress bar?

Every Syndicate member can contribute to their communal Secret Santa progress bar, but once a progress bar has been started only players who are already members of the Syndicate will be able to contribute and earn rewards. If you join a Syndicate partway through a progress bar, you'll see your bar grayed out. This means you need to wait for the Syndicate's next progress bar before you can contribute and earn Favor Points! If you do make a purchase while your progress bar is grayed out, don't worry! That purchase will be saved and applied to your Syndicate's next progress bar… provided you stick around for that bar to appear.

How much FP will be rewarded?

Each time the bar is filled, Secret Santa will deliver a Loot Case filled with 20 FP to each eligible member. That means up to 500 FP can be awarded to a full Syndicate! Remember, each player will always receive 20 FP per gift regardless of their contribution to the progress bar, and Snydicates can earn an unlimited number of gifts throughout the event!

How much FP is needed to fill the bar?

In keeping with the anonymous spirit of Secret Santa, the total FP needed to fill the progress bar is secret. If you're interested in doing some math, you can probably discover the answer… but we think Santa's secrets are a fun part of the holiday magic!