Do you want to know about the latest and greatest updates from all of the Kano games? Are you interested in meeting and chatting with Kano staff? Are you eager to take a behind-the-scenes sneak peek at unreleased content? Do you want to get your hands on free Favor Points, UN Credits, or exclusive items? You can experience all this and more during our Kano Livestreams!

Every few weeks the team will stream live from Kano HQ to the Mob Wars LCN Facebook and YouTube pages. Whether you're an LCN player or a fan of one of our other games, the location is always the same! Be sure to follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube page in order to be notified whenever we're live.

Additionally, we host smaller livestreams every Friday on our Discord server! These casual streams offer our players a quick news update, followed by free prize giveaways, and then a short question and answer period.

Exclusive Items
Whether you're watching on YouTube, Facebook, or Discord, you'll have the chance to win exclusive items each time you tune into a Kano Livestream! These items may change from stream to stream, depending on which Kano team members are present. You'll need to keep coming back to collect them all!

Trivia & Favor Point Giveaways
On all of our streams, viewers will have a chance to win free Favor Points (or UN Credits, for Zombie Slayer players)!

During Facebook and YouTube streams, players can earn FP by answering skill testing trivia questions! Only the first person to post the correct answer will win, so you'll need to be quick if you want to claim victory. These questions will often relate to the content covered earlier in the livestream, so we always recommend listening carefully to our news updates.

On Discord, FP prizes are given away at random! As long as you're listening to the stream and participating in the chat, your name will be placed on the prize wheel with a chance to win!

At the end of each livestream the Kano Player Success Team will field questions from the chat. Whether you've got a suggestion or critique; a gameplay question or casual curiosity; we're happy to answer you as best as we can!