Welcome to the Raid Bounties! At the start of every Raid Bounty event, the Godfather will place a series of Bounties against the current Raid Boss. Whenever a player satisfies one of these Bounties, they'll be eligible to claim a powerful item as a reward!

As of 2023, Raid Bounty also has a Leaderboard, where players will compete against one another for special prizes at the end of the event! 

Want to learn more about unlocking these Bounties and earning your rewards? This article will cover all the important details about this exciting featured Raid event!

The Bounties
There are three different categories of Bounties that players can earn during the Raid Bounties event:
  1. Attack Bounties
  2. Heal Bounties
  3. Collect Bounties

Each time you take an Attack or Heal action against a Raid Boss, you'll earn progress towards your next Bounty of that type. Additionally, whenever you collect your regular rewards from a defeated Raid Boss, you'll earn progress towards unlocking your next Collect Bounty.

Once you've earned a Bounty, head to the Raids page to claim your prize! Only after collecting your reward can you start making progress towards the next Bounty of that category.

This means it is very important to collect your Bounties as soon as you are eligible! Unclaimed Bounties can result in stalled progress, inefficient actions, and lost rewards!

Bounty Tiers and Difficult Levels
There are also three Bounty tiers during the Raid Bounties event:
  1. Bronze Tier
  2. Silver Tier
  3. Gold Tier

Each tier is more difficult to complete than the previous one, but the rewards increase in value as you progress! Players will start off with the Bronze Tier and work their way through the Bounties assigned by the Godfather until they reach the Gold Tier!

The Bronze and Silver Tiers each contain three difficulty levels for every Bounty type. These difficulty levels are signified by star rating, with one star being the easiest Bounty and three stars being the most difficult! Players will need to work through these difficulty levels in sequential order.

The Gold Tier only contains one Bounty for each category, but top performing players will be able to claim their Gold Bounty rewards multiple times! Golden Bounties repeat indefinitely and double in difficulty each time.

Raid Bounty Leaderboard
When a player collects their first Bounty of any type (Attack, Heal, or Collect), they'll earn a spot on the Raid Bounty Leaderboard.

The more Bounties you collect, the higher you'll climb on the Leaderboard! Since there are a set number of Bronze and Silver Bounties, the Gold Bounties will be the real difference maker for top placements as they can be repeated indefinitely until the end of the event! Please note that simply finishing a Bounty will not contribute to your Leaderboard progress. Players will need to collect a Bounty in order to get it added to their total.

Each and every player on the Leaderboard will earn some bonuses at the end of the event, but placing in the top 100 will give you an extra boost of both Favor Points and Skill Points. The top three positions have the best prizes, so you'll need to compete hard for first place!

Important Notes To Remember:
  • Claim your rewards as soon as you earn them! You cannot earn progress on the next Bounty in that category if you have not claimed a previous reward.
  • If you're focusing on Attacks, Heals, or Collects, it is possible to make far more progress in one Bounty Category than the others.
  • Just like during regular Raids, you will be unable to summon more Raid Bosses after the following Monday at 12:00PM. Additionally, the Raid Bounties event will end at 12:00PM on the Friday of the following week. Any unclaimed rewards at this time will be lost.
  • The Raid Bounty Leaderboard is only for your server. This is not a cross-server event.