Are you having trouble locating a newly-purchased or earned  item or item bundle? Here are some tips and tricks for tracking down your new equipment!

First, always double check you're looking in the right section of your Inventory or Arming page. Some items might look like a Weapon at first glance, but they actually could turn out to be a Vehicle!

Next, be sure to use the Sort option and check multiple pages of your Inventory. Your items aren't sorted newest to oldest. Instead, your Inventory is automatically sorted by Attack strength (high-to-low), and sometimes your new item might not have enough attack power to show up on your first page. Sort your Inventory appropriately and don't be afraid to flip past page one.

Make good use of the Filter options in your Inventory. Be sure to filter out items that you don't own and use the secondary filter options to help narrow your search. For example, items from Raids will show up in the "Drop Items" category, while items from Crates and sales will appear in the "Limited Items" category.

If you're looking for the items you got in a Loot Case or Crate, check out your Case or Crate history! These histories can be found in their respective sections of the Godfather. For mobile app users, check out the Case or Crate tab on your Shop page!

Still can't find your item? Please contact the Kano player success team. They would be delighted to get your equipment back where it belongs!