Update as of July, 2022:
Samsung fixed this problem in May, 2022, but the error returned in a following update. If you are still noticing this issue, please follow the steps below.

Are you noticing that one of our mobile apps is displaying strangely on your Samsung mobile device? Are you finding the game is zoomed in and you're unable to interact with a variety of features?

If so, please try following these steps in order to repair the issue (Example images from Samsung Galaxy S21) :

1. Go to Settings.

2. Click Apps.

3. Search for "web" find Android System WebView.

4. Scroll to bottom and find your version number. Record that number and send it to the player success team!

5. Scroll back to the top.

6. Click the 3 dots.

7. Uninstall updates.

8. (Optional) Turn off Auto Updates for Android System WebView.

Unfortunately, the display problem will return if your Android System WebView updates itself back to the bugged version. As such, we recommend turning off automatic updates for this feature until Samsung has resolved the issue. This is entirely optional, as it would require players to check back in with us or with Samsung to receive news about a permanent solution.

Thanks for your patience, players! Let us know how this process goes.