What is a Battle Royale Piñata?
During your Battle Royale Matches, you may encounter special Loot Piñatas which can appear in the list of your rival Mobsters. Players can normally expect to see 1 or 2 Piñatas appear per match, but this may depend on the current Battle Royale game mode.

Piñatas don't attack back, but they have incredibly high health and are very difficult to take down. Scoring the killing blow on a Piñata will break it open, giving you the riches which are kept inside!

What do I get from a Battle Royale Piñata?
If you score the killing blow on a Piñata, you will get a set of rewards based upon the current Battle Royale game mode. Sometimes Loot Piñatas will offer a Battle Royale Loot Case, but often they will contain items that will prove invaluable for your current match, including high-powered Items, Med Kits, or Vitality Boosts.

How do I Kill a Battle Royale Piñata?
Only one player will be credited with the killing blow on each Piñata, so making sure that you come out on top can be difficult! Practice makes perfect, but here are a few tips and hints which might help you kill a Piñata :

  1. Try waiting until Piñatas are low health, and then swooping in for the kill!
  2. Piñatas which arrive early in the game will have more players attacking them. This means they'll lose health quicker, but it also means you'll be competing for the kill with more players!
  3. Waiting is often best, but someone has to lower the Piñata's health! If you get things started, others might be convinced to join in.
  4. Don't degrade your powerful weapons when the Piñata is still healthy. Start with a weak weapon, and finish it off with a stronger one!
  5. If you're having trouble, attacking a Piñata can be a safe target, since it won't attack back!