Have you experienced technical difficulties in a recent Battle Royale match? Never fear, we're here to help!

Battle Royale is the most technologically intensive part of our game, and it can sometimes cause a few issues for players. Luckily, technical issues are relatively rare, but the Kano team is always working hard to provide a more reliable and consistent experience for our players.

Before your next match, be sure take the following steps in order to give yourself the best possible chance to avoid a Battle Royale crash:

  1. If playing from your internet browser, make sure you have Mob Wars: LCN open in only one tab or window.
  2. On both the mobile app and desktop version of our game, try closing down any other programs which may be running in the background.
  3. Set yourself up with the best internet connection possible. Even a slight delay can be a life-and-death issue in Battle Royale! Try running an internet speed test to check your current internet speed.

Additionally, please reach out to the Kano Player Success Team whenever you run into an issue with Battle Royale! If you lost out on some Stamina, we'd be happy to help. Not only that, you'll also be helping us avoid similar issues in the future! Just hit the "Contact Us" button on this page.