Battle Royale offers players more than just exciting and action-packed combat– it's also a great place to earn Experience Points (XP), exclusive Battle Royale Loot Cases, Battle Royale Items, and plenty of Battle Royale Achievements! Be sure to check out the current Battle Royale game mode, since different game modes can impact the Loot Cases, XP, and Achievements which you are eligible to receive.

Experience Points
Players can earn large amounts of XP in every Battle Royale match they enter. The amount of XP gained per match will depend on the game mode, your current level, the total amount of Stamina used in the match, and your final placement in the match.

Before each match you can adjust the total amount of Stamina you're willing to spend, which in turn will impact the XP you gain. The winner of each match will earn far more XP than the player who winds up in 50th place! For a more detailed breakdown of the XP gained by rank, check out the "My Rewards" section.

In the My Rewards section you can also see the exclusive Battle Royale item that will be given to the winner of the next match.

Battle Royale Loot CasesThere are three separate tiers of Loot Cases available in Battle Royale: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. The type of Loot Cases you will be vying for depends on how much of your maximum Stamina you are willing to risk. A higher percentage of Stamina will enable you to earn better Loot Cases– but watch out, Loot Cases are never guaranteed! Players who wager large chunks of Stamina should try extra hard to earn their Gold Loot Cases.

Players who want to play it safe can spend 10% - 49% of their maximum Stamina to be eligible for Bronze tier Loot Cases in their next match. Bronze Cases will have one drop inside, containing an item or a Cash Boost.

Anyone who bids 50%-74% of their maximum Stamina will be eligible to earn Silver Loot Cases in their next Battle Royale match. The Silver Cases are an improvement over Bronze, with two drops inside.

Risking 75% or more of your maximum Stamina will place players in the Gold tier. Gold Loot Cases have three drops, each of which has the chance to provide a Legendary item!

Remember, the Stamina you spend tells you what type of Loot Cases you are eligible for.  If you're unable to go for a Silver or Gold Loot Case, you must increase your Maximum Stamina. Depending on the game mode and your performance in the match, you could earn no Loot Cases, one, or several! Good luck. 

How Do I Find Battle Royale Loot Cases?
The way players earn Loot Cases will vary depending on the current game mode. Sometimes you will need to kill your opponents; other times you will need to open Pinatas; you may be able to earn a Loot Case by simply surviving! Check out our game mode article HERE to learn more about the different rules and rewards available.

Battle Royale Achievements
Battle Royale has several branches of Achievements for players to earn! You can earn these Achievements for winning matches, killing opponents, killing Pinatas, using Med Kits, and more!

Check out the "Events" section of your Achievements page to find out what challenges await you!