Sometimes you may try to attack one of your Rivals only to receive a message that the player is "dead." This can be incredibly confusing if the character's Health bar isn't empty! What's going on?

If a player has been recently killed and is now regaining Health over time rather than by Healing or Power Healing with Cash, they will remain "dead" until their Health surpasses a certain threshold. This can lead to a situation where your opponent has life remaining but will still appear as "killed" rather than "in the hospital." You'll need to wait for this player to Heal before you can attack them again!

Additionally, if you continually try to attack a player who is dead or in the hospital, you may receive a Stamina penalty from the Godfather. In this situation you will see a message that reads, "Repeated attacks on a fallen player is disrespectful to the Godfather, your stamina grows weaker."