Join members of the Kano Player Success Team every month for the Kano vs. Players Admin Blitz!

Similar to our hour-long Bounty Blitz events, these 30 minute Admin Blitzes offer players bonus Experience Points (XP), Cash, and bragging rights when they score kills off of the Hitlist. What makes the Admin Blitz special is that it pits Kano staff members directly against the players, with the Godfather rapidly and repeatedly listing Kano accounts for inflated bounties. Meanwhile, the Player Success Team will do their best to Hitlist you back to get revenge!

Kano Admins will post links to public chat groups in the World Chat a few minutes before the event kicks off. Players are encouraged to join us there and on our Discord server, where they can chat with admins while they brutally kill us for profit!

The Admin Blitz events happen every Tuesday afternoon on a different Kano game. To find out which game is up next check out the latest TGIF! Blog entry: