Customization lets you alter the appearance of your Avatar in Mob Wars: LCN, allowing you to personalize how you appear to yourself and others! Once you have unlocked a Customization option, head to your Profile page and click on the Customize Profile button to equip your new piece of flair!

There are three types of Customization available: Badges, Overlays, and Borders.

Badges are equipped along the top of your character's Avatar, and each player can equip up to four different badges at one time! The one you choose first will appear on the top left side of your Avatar border with the subsequent ones filling out the rest of the row. Players can unlock Anniversary Badges by playing the game for 1 Year, 3 Years, 5 Years, and 10 Years.

Note: the Mob Wars Veteran Badge was offered for a limited time only. If you don't have it available, you won't be able to unlock it!

Borders outline your Avatar, replacing the standard grey border with something a bit more exciting! Borders can be unlocked through Premium Battle Pass track, as well as through special events like the Raid Games!

Overlays sit directly on top of your avatar picture and give it some extra flair. These can also be unlocked through Premium Battle Pass track and through special events.

Customization will allow you to really get creative with how you are presented in game and with even more options coming in the future there will be more ways to make yourself stand out!