All of our games are fighting games at heart, but even professional fighters know there's a time in the match when you need to go to your corner and recoup. If attacks from another player get to be a bit too much, you can add them to the Blacklist from their Profile (and Defend) page and temporarily halt all aggressive actions between yourself and them.

This will pop up a dialogue box that explains the function of the Blacklist before you pay the 10 FP to confirm.

For the introductory period of this feature we are allowing you to Blacklist one player at a time. You can find your Blacklisted player by going to the Rival Mobs section on your Home page and clicking on Blacklist.

Once a player is Blacklisted, all fighting actions between yourself and the other player will be completely stopped for a duration of one week. This means they can't hit you, but you also can't hit them either. Once the Blacklist has run its course, there's another week period before you can blacklist that same player again. You can choose to manually end the Blacklist on a player anytime by clicking "Remove from Blacklist", but the 1 week cooldown period will still be in effect.

A Blacklist feature is something we've gotten requests for a lot over the years through surveys, reviews and tickets, and we've wanted to weigh the various effects this would have on the games before we introduced it. If you choose to use the Blacklist, please let us know your feedback via Support and that will help us inform the future of this feature! If you accidentally purchase the Blacklist on somebody, please send in a ticket to Player Success and they can reverse the purchase for you.

You will not be able to use the Blacklist feature on a new player (a player that has been playing for less than 60 days).