The Battle Pass is a limited-time, recurring feature where Players will be able to complete challenges to earn exclusive rewards!
Players can advance their progression through the Battle Pass by earning Battle Pass Experience from completing Battle Pass Challenges. Once you have enough Battle Pass Experience to unlock the next Battle Pass tier you can collect the rewards from there!
Every time you complete a challenge, you’ll be automatically awarded the Battle Pass Experience and you’ll see a completion star for each time you complete that challenge. Challenges are repeatable but will provide reduced Battle Pass Experience each time you complete them. You can review what challenges you’ve completed, as well as how much Battle Pass Experience you’ve earned from a Challenge by going to the Battle Pass Challenge page.
Once you’ve completed a track, you’ll be able to head over to the Battle Pass to collect your rewards. Rewards are not automatically collected, so players can save some of the rewards, such as the Stamina boosts, for a later date.
However, all rewards need to be collected before the Battle Pass season is completed, because once it is over any rewards that were not collected will be gone!
If you’re running out of time to complete challenges in order to complete the Battle Pass, you can always choose to use Favor Points to unlock the next Tier.
A new Battle Pass challenge will be added daily, so check back frequently for more opportunities to fight your way to top tier rewards!
*Rewards from the Battle Pass are permanent except for the exclusive Chat color, which refreshes with each new Battle Pass season.
**A few challenges such as dailies will always reward the same experience amount (such as completing your daily gamer points)