Battle Royale is an epic brawl where the last Mobster standing wins! 

This is a real-time game mode where once you’re out, you’re least until the next fight! Find loot, arm yourself, attack other Mobsters and see who takes home the big prize at the end. In this mode, everyone starts on an even playing field so this is a true test of combat prowess!

To join, go to the Battle Royale Tab and sign up for the next lobby. Battle Royale with have a few different game modes, each offer different rewards. You can review the current lobbies game mode on the Battle Royale Lobby screen before joining. Some game modes will require some FP for the entry fee, this FP goes into the winning pot at the end and will be split amongst the top finishers.

Multiple games of Battle Royale will be running at the same time, so join a lobby and get ready to fight! Please make sure to read the entire document or watch the following video, as it will cover all aspects of Battle Royale gameplay! 

How to Play

Core Battle Royale Actions

These are the core actions you can take in Battle Royale. Keep reading below for greater detail of each of the following:
  • Fight opponents from the game modes fight list
  • Run Away when you are being attacked too much
  • Equip Weapons and Armor to get stronger
  • Restore Health to keep yourself alive
  • Restore Vitality to keep fighting

Starting Equipment

Once enough players have joined a lobby, a Battle Royale game will start. Your stats from the main game will not carry over into the Battle Royale and as such, all players will start on equal footing. At the beginning of the round, every player will have the following (note this can change based on the rule set that is currently running):
  • 500 Health Points
  • 3 MedKits
  • 50 Vitality Points
  • 0 Vitality Boosts
  • You will not start with any Weapons, Armor or Vehicles, but you will find them as drops when you attack or kill other players or in the rare loot pinata.

Attacking, Healing and Running Away

The Battle Royale lobby will be represented as a list of other players similar to the regular Fight list. When you tap on another player, you can Attack them, using up 1 Vitality Point. The more you attack a player, the more Vitality you use and your damage will start to add up!

Once a player reaches 0/500 Health Points, they are dead and are removed from the Battle Royale match.

If you are being attacked, you have two options:

Once you are under 500 HP you can use a MedKit to heal back up to 100% of your Health. In addition to the 3 starting MedKits, you can find them when attacking or killing other players. 
The other option is to use a Runaway action which costs 10 Vitality. This makes it so you can’t be attacked by any other player for a short duration. Be warned though, if you attack another player during the Runaway countdown, you will no longer be Evading and are open to attacks again! Once used, you can’t Runaway again until the a cooldown finishes. Higher level Vehicles will allow you to run away for longer durations.

Attacking and Evading both use Vitality, once you are below 50% Vitality, you can use a Vitality Boost to restore 50%. You will also passively regenerate 1 Vitality Point every 3 seconds.
Some game modes will allow you to pick extra Medkits (maximum 3) and Vitality Boosts from the Battle Royale interface.

Be warned that the Battle Royale is no place for idleness! While players who are actively attacking or evading are safe, anyone who has not made an attack in 10 seconds will have a Health-draining poison effect applied and this can kill you! Resume attacking again for the poison to be removed.

Equipping Items
As you play Battle Royale you will find Weapons, Armor and Vehicles as loot drops from attacking and killing other players or opening the loot pinata by attacking it. 
These weapons are used in Battle Royale only and do not stay in your inventory when a round is finished.

All items come in three strength ranks denoted by both the background behind the item and the item’s Mark - Mk I, Mk II or Mk III - with Mk III being the strongest. 
Weapons will allow you to deal more damage while Armor will mitigate some of the damage you take. Vehicles will allow you to evade attacks for slightly longer amounts of time. Vehicles will equip themselves automatically, but Weapons and Armor need to be equipped manually by tapping on them.

As you use Weapons and Armor by attacking and defending respectively in the Battle Royale, their condition will deteriorate and they will eventually break!

Every once and a while a loot pinata will appear in the fight list! The play who lands the final blow on the pinata will be granted all of the high-quality loot inside of it, so keep your eyes peeled for these rare appearances.

How to Win and Playing Again

Battle Royale matches will go until all but one of the participating Mobsters have died and to the top finishers go the spoils! Battle Royale prizes include:
  • Favor Points!
  • Unique Season Item Reward for First-Place Winners only!
  • Battle Royale Loot Cases that can drop on Kills!
  • If and when you’ve been eliminated from a Battle Royale lobby, the fight isn’t over! 
The Battle Royale event will run over the course of a day and during that time any number of lobbies will be running so queue up again and take another shot at being the best of the best.