It’s time to fight your Syndicate!

Skirmish mode will allow you to optionally partake in Fight actions against your Syndicate members if they’re also your friends.

This is an optional toggle that Leaders and Officers can enable in the Syndicate settings; you don’t have to turn this feature on if you don’t want to.

Once Skirmish is enabled, if you’re in the same Syndicate as someone else, and you’re in each other's Mob and are within each other’s Level range for Fights, you’ll be able to undertake Player vs Player actions against one another! Syndicates with Skirmish on will have this displayed on their Syndicate Profile.

With Skirmish on, if you meet the above requirements you’ll appear on each other’s Fight list, show up on Rivals and engage in PvP actions from each other’s profiles. Additionally, these actions will also earn you Fight Gamer Points!