The Leaderboards are the place to go to see how you stack up compared to your Rivals. You're able to view the Leaderboard by clicking the “Leaderboard” link above your characters picture.

On the mobile app you can tap “More” in the bottom right corner and from there you will see “Leaderboards”.

There you're able to see how you stack up against your friends, but you can also check out the World Leaderboard, Memorial Board and Syndicate Leaderboard. The Syndicate Leaderboard tracks War Points and Gamer Points for each season. These Game seasons last a full week and begin every Monday morning at 00:00 AM Pacific time. If you're also part of a Syndicate, your Experience bonus will be larger the more Gamer Points you contribute and the higher your team ranks on the Leaderboard.

Your personal Leaderboard stats will update automatically once every 24 hours as long as you're logged in. It will also update if you gain a level, complete your daily Gamer Points, finish a Mini Game, or defeat a Boss that you own! Keep in mind this is only your own stats, so if someone else is moving in the ranks, they will have to trigger their own update through one of those methods before you'll see a change.