Mobsters are one of the most important aspects of Mob Wars: LCN. Not only is the game more fun with friends, but they directly affect how powerful you are in Fights.

When you enter a Fight, your Mobsters automatically contribute to the encounter by each bringing in a set of Weapon, Armor and Vehicles from your inventory. If you have more of these than can be carried by your Mobsters, your most powerful items are automatically selected depending on whether you are attacking or defending.

To balance the game, your Mob’s effectiveness is limited by your level, but the higher your level the more Mob will influence your Fights with rivals. To start, you may add 500 friends as Mobsters and get up to 500 Mobsters for Hire from The Godfather. After level 75, every subsequent level up will increase your max Hired and Recruited Mobsters by 2. The maximum cap is set at 1000 friends and 1000 Hired Guns.


Reward your closest friends by adding them to your Familia! Every time you gain Cash from Fights, Jobs, or Hits your Familia Mob receive bonus Cash equal to a small percentage of your earnings.

Encourage your best Mobsters to add you into their Familia as well and team up to rake in the Cash!

Don’t forget to check your Familia page regularly though, as uncollected Familia earnings expire after 3 days.

Elite Mobsters

Enhance your gameplay by filling the Elite Mobster positions on your Profile. A Mobster who signs up for an Elite position grants you a special perk for 48 hours, such as a bonus to Job earnings, Experience, or even Fight power!

You can publish open Elite positions to your friends once every hour.


Show your Mobsters how much you appreciate them by sending Gifts! Gifts are fun to get, and can be used in your Workshop to help craft new and better items.

You can send up to 500 Gifts a day. The more Gifts you send the higher the chances your friends will send a Gift back!

You can create a Gift Wishlist so your Mob will know what you’re looking for, or post a Gift Request to your feed.

Fight Boosts

Send an offer of Adrenaline Boosts to all your Mob! Adrenaline gives everyone in your Mob an increase to Attack for a limited time.

Check your Mobster Alerts to see any Boosts that have been offered to you.

An Energy Boost gives a member of your Familia a 100% refill of their Energy points.
A Stamina Boost gives a member of your Familia a 100% refill of their Stamina points.

Hired Guns

Looking for a quick addition to your Mob’s power? Spend Favor Points with The Godfather for Hired Guns. These grizzled mercenaries won’t send Gifts or help you in Challenges, but they will expand your capacity to bring Weapons, Armor and Vehicles into Fights.