If you like Boss Battles, then get ready for the main event! Every so often, a wickedly challenging Raid Boss will turn up, and players will have to pool their cunning, resources, and power to defeat them.

While the event is on, you can either summon your own Raid Boss or join someone else’s. Every player’s Raid Boss is the same strength, regardless of who unlocked it.

Raid Passes & Summoning a Raid Boss
Raid Bosses are unlocked with a Raid Pass. Raid Passes are entirely free, and can be claimed by heading to your Raids tab once the Raid event has begun.

You can only summon one Raid Boss at a time, but if you are able to defeat your Raid Boss before the event is over, feel free to claim another Free Raid Pass and get back in the fight!

Party Mechanics
After the Party Leader summons a Raid Boss, they must assemble a Raid Boss Party to help defeat their mighty foe. Keep in mind that you will have to take an action against the Raid Boss before you will have officially joined the Party; if you do not see your name on the leaderboard, you have yet to attack or heal and therefore can still be bumped out of the Raid Boss Party if someone else joins and does an action.

We recommend your Party contain at least 20 committed players, the maximum number being 30. Raid Bosses are harder if members are inactive or not keeping the Health bar up, so we suggest hand-picking your Party for the best possible team.

Any Player can join your Raid Boss Party!
Try to include some players with Defense-oriented builds to help balance out the Party and provide a solid base of Health for the fight.

Inviting Players

There is an invite link available on your summoned Raid Boss page for you to invite your friends and other players.

If you wish, you can also close off previously sent links. Click the Invalidate Link button to close off the previous URL and generate a fresh one. Anyone with the old link will be unable to use it to join.

If you just want to fill up your slots quickly, you can also turn on Public Sharing. This opens up your Raid Party positions to be filled by any player who visits your Raid Boss page, regardless of whether or not you have invited them.

Once someone has joined the Raid you are stuck with them for the rest of the fight, so use Public Sharing with caution!

Raid Party Health
When a player attacks a Raid Boss, retaliatory damage is taken by the entire party — and look out, because Raid Bosses hit back hard! But worry not, because players can Heal the entire Raid Party by spending Energy Points, meaning that the battles become a fine balance between dealing damage and healing damage taken.

As the Raid Party’s Health is reduced, your Attacks and Barrages will do less damage and earn you less Experience.

Fighting the Boss

The Attack and Barrage buttons are used to deal damage to the Raid Boss. The Raid Boss will hit back whenever someone damages it. You can increase the amount of Stamina used in your attacks to increase damage.

Attack & Heal Combo
If you want to keep your Party's Health high but you want to keep your clicks low, you can use the Attack & Heal Combo! You can switch back-and-forth between the combo layout and the original layout by clicking the "Change Layout" button.

Loot is claimed when the Raid Boss is defeated. If the fight timer runs out before the Party can take it down, the Raid Boss will escape without dropping items.

The Raid Boss has 6 loot items, each with a Common version and a Superior version, the latter being stronger and rarer.

Everyone who does at least 2,000 actions (with 1,000 of those needing to be Healing Actions) will be awarded with a Loot item, Cash, and bonus Experience when the Raid Boss is defeated. The item drop you get is determined randomly, however under special conditions a player may be guaranteed a Superior item drop. The first Boss you summon and defeat during the event will give you a Superior item and placing first for total overall actions will also give you a Superior item.

Raid Bosses give out great Experience rewards as well as exclusive Common and Superior item drops, so they're a great opportunity for players to earn Experience as well as acquire some awesome new items.

Finally, it's important to note that once the boss is defeated, you only have 48 hours to claim any rewards. After that, the boss will expire and you will be unable to claim any loot from it, so don't forget!

Raid Boss Tips
The Raid Boss is meant to be a challenging event! Even with a large and dedicated team, it will often take several days to defeat it, so don’t go in expecting a quick or easy win. However, with care and coordination your Party can take it down more efficiently.

Remember that you can invite anyone to your Party, even players who are not in your Mob!

Keep your Party healthy! You’ll do more Damage, earn more Experience, and increase your chances for a better item drop!

Try to do Barrages instead of Basic Attacks when you can, it’s faster and the Party will take less damage.

Remember to collect your Daily Boost, and to use your Energy/Stamina Boosts from your friends!