If you are a Leader or Officer of a Syndicate you can enable War Mode through the Edit interface, but before you do make sure everyone in the Syndicate understands the rules. Compete with other Syndicates who have wars enabled for War Points (WP). You can get war points by attacks, punches and bounties on other players that are in Syndicates at war. Kills will give the highest WP reward. You are limited to how many times you can attack another player. Similar to Gamer Points (GP), at the end of each season Trophies, Ranks, and Experience rewards are given out for War Syndicates. Keep in mind that if you leave the Syndicate before the end of the current season, you will forfeit your rewards ā€” and if you leave after the season ends, you will be unable to earn GP for the first day of the next season in any Syndicate you join, including the one you left.

War Rivals
If you attack (including attacking on the hitlist) a player that is in a Syndicate at war, you will put yourself on that Syndicates War Rival list which will allow every player in the opposing Syndicate to attack/punch/hitlist within the War attack limits. Hitlisting an enemy player will also add you to their Personal Rival list which will open you up for the 24 hour attack retaliation. Attacks or punches done after the limit has been exhausted will also put yourself on their Personal Rival list. If you do not directly attack a player that is a higher level than you, they will only be able to attack you until their War limits are exhausted.

War Points
You score War Points for attacking other Syndicates that are in War. There are limits of War Points that can be gained from a single player daily, below are the limits and War Points awarded.

If a war opponent is within Experience range, on your Syndicates War Rival list or in your Rival List, you can attack that player 5 times before you reach your daily limit for that opponent. 4 War Points for an attack win and 3 War Points for an attack loss. Hitlist kills reward War Points regardless of attack limits. Points are only credited to the attacker.

If a war opponent is within Level Range you can Hitlist that player 1 time for War Points before you reach your daily limit for that opponent. 10 War Points are rewarded for a successful Hitlist. Level Range Explained: If your level is greater then the target's level, your level must be less than 3 times their level. If your level is less then the target's level, their level must be less then 3 times your level.

You can Punch an opposing Syndicate player that is in a War 4 times before that targets War Points become exhausted for the day. 1 War Point is rewarded for every successful Punch on a War target.

Participation Restrictions
To participate in Wars you must be at least level 300 and have been a member of the Syndicate for more than 14 days.

The Protection feature is disabled if you take part in War Mode.
If you are playing on the app, you can still gain War Points normally but you won't be able to see them until you login to your browser on a desktop/laptop.
Note: War Mode is a separate mode from Syndicate Wars.