Players are normally unable to attack anyone below their fight range (10% of their level), however, if the lower level player provokes with an Attack, Punch, or Hitlist, the higher level can retaliate for 24 hours or until the lower level player is killed, whichever comes first.

Lower-level players can also be Punched once per hour and Hitlisted. Listing the same player over and over again does get expensive quickly, as after a player adds someone to the list, each repeat listing within a 24 hour period will increase in cost dramatically.

If both players are in War Mode, there are some additional rules:

If a player in a Syndicate at war attacks another player in a Syndicate at war, the attacker will appear on the rival list of all members of the defender's Syndicate, regardless of level/fight ranges. A high level player may attack a player who is on their War Rivals list but outside of their fight range up to 5 times, enough to get war points for their Syndicate, but not more unless the lower-level person makes a hostile action directly against them.

Lower level players who are being Hitlisted a lot can also use the Protection feature to block the higher level player from Attacking Hitlisting them for a time.