The World Chat is our open public chat that is meant for everyone in the games. This isn’t a platform to target or insult other players, swear and use profanity (including acronyms or intentional misspellings) or in general contribute to a toxic environment.

We understand that our games are combat oriented and some light ribbing on the on-going battles in the game are fine. However, please remember that this is a friendly chat and coming into it to trash talk other people all day is not acceptable.

We don’t expect everyone to get along all the time, but please respect the chat.

Please Do:
Respect the chat, even if you don’t respect each other
Mute players that make comments that bother you
Remember that World Chat is aimed at a general audience
Be aware that if the context of comments isn’t clear, we have to go with our judgement
Respect each others privacy
Report comments that you think violate our rules

Please Do Not:
Abuse other players through offensive or hateful speech
Antagonize those that have been already removed from WC
Reference another player’s personal information
Participate in sexually explicit conversations
Accuse others of violating of our Terms of Use (please contact Support instead)
Spam with nonsensical comments, symbols or repeated phrases
Make comments or jokes about abuse or pedophilia
Make comments or jokes about physical or mental abuse
Actively contribute to a toxic and hostile environment

Please note, anything that can be solved by muting another player should be done so. Group Chats are a great way to customize your chat experience and give players more control with whom and what they want to talk about!