Actions that advance your Syndicate in game will earn you Gamer Points, or GP. You can view how many GP you've earned for the day by clicking the ‘G’ Coin below your portrait in the top right corner of the game on Desktop.

You can view how many GP you’ve earned for the day by clicking the suitcase with a check mark in the top right hand corner of the screen on the mobile app.

There are four categories of GP:

Performing these actions will earn you Gamer Points towards your daily maximum.

Getting all your daily GP will put you on the path to higher levels and a more powerful character. Your GP earnings contribute to your personal ranking on the leaderboards.

Gamer Points are also the core component of your Syndicate's success. The more GP your Syndicate members are earning, and the faster they earn them, the higher your Syndicate will be on the leaderboards. The more GP you contribute to your Syndicate, and the higher your team ranks on the Syndicate Leaderboard, the bigger your Experience bonus will be!

Actions that earn you GP will count towards your Experience bonus at the end of the Season. A game season starts Monday at 00:00 (Pacific Time).

Something to remember: Gamer Points are only earned when you're doing Jobs with less than 100% or which are in your most recently unlocked location. If you're not seeing your Jobs GP go up, have a look and see if a new area is available.