Stamina run out? Here are a few strategies for getting more!

Ask your Friends for Stamina Boosts

Players can send one another boosts of Stamina and Energy. To request, send, and use boosts, scroll down and tap “Send Boosts” on the home page. You can also tap on the notification bell in the top right corner.

If you have already accepted Stamina or Energy Boosts from your allies and haven’t yet used them, you’ll see them listed on this page. Just tap the “Use” button to activate one. You can store up to 5 Stamina boosts on this page, although you can only use one every 22 hours.

If you don’t yet have any Stamina Boosts stored, you can put out a general call for Stamina to your feed. On the “Send Boosts” tab you can “Ask for Boosts” and this will post your request to the Social Feed of all the players you are allied with.

When another player sends you a Boost, you will have to accept it before it will appear in your Boosts page. A notification will appear in your “Alerts” (bell in the top right corner) whenever you have a Pending Boost, so don’t forget to check it! Just tap the “Accept” button to add the new one to your Boosts Page.

Whenever you accept a Boost you’ll also be offered the option to return the favor by sending a Boost back. This costs you nothing, and also earns you Daily Gamer Points,  so feel free to send Boosts to whoever needs them!

You don’t have to wait until your Stamina is completely empty before claiming a boost! Boosts can actually buff your Stamina past your normal maximum, so no points will be lost even if you choose to use a Boost before depleting your Stamina pool.

Claim your Daily Reward

Every day you log into the game, you can claim a Daily Reward of Stamina, Energy or Random. The game keeps a count of how many days in a row you log in and play, and the reward becomes greater the more days in a row you play (up to a max of 7 days in a row).

To claim your Daily Reward, tap on the calendar icon next to your Experience bar, from there select “Daily Reward”. In the Daily Reward Screen you can collect any available reward, and change the types of rewards based on your preference.

Earn Experience and Level Up!

Any time you reach a new level, you will be awarded with some Stamina for your pool. (If your Max Stamina is lower than the refill amount, it’ll simply refill you to your Max).

Nearly every action in the game awards Experience, so if you’re out of Stamina and want to keep Fighting, take a look at what else you can do that might tip you over the next level threshold, such as :
  • Check your “Bosses/Raids” page for any completed Bosses you can collect the Rewards for
  • Do Challenge minigames like the Calendars
  • Do Jobs
  • Help your Friends -- Scan your Social Feed for requests you can fill.
  • Join the Battle Arena -- You'll get Experience just for signing up!
  • Participate in other events such as Syndicate Quests and Wars

Use your Favor Points on a Refill

If you’re all out of Boosts, you can always use your Favor Points (FP) to buy a Stamina Refill for 10 FP.

Speed up your Stamina Regeneration

Another way to send more Stamina your way is by increasing the rate at which your Stamina refills slowly over time.

Earning certain Achievements from the General category will reduce the number of seconds it takes to regenerate Stamina points, such as the Achievements earned for upping your Max Stamina, or for reaching particular levels.

Upgrading to a new character is another way you can reduce Stamina regen time. Certain characters accumulate Stamina, Health, Energy, and Income at different rates.

Maximize your Damage

Another strategy is make sure the Stamina you spend is going as far as possible by taking advantage of any bonuses that increase your power in Fights.

Keep an eye on your Social Feed for combat Boosts, such as the Adrenaline, Berserker, or Vaccine boosts. Accepting these will increase your Attack for a short time. And don't forget to share them with others, too!

Make sure your Elite positions are filled! Some roles increase your Defense and Attack power when active, so check your Profile page regularly and “Recruit Elite Mobsters” to fill any empty spots available.

Optimize your inventory! Review your Loadout and make sure your very best items are equipped directly to your character. You can view and update your loadout by going to “Profile” and down to “Arming”.

Check that all your Mobsters are doing as much damage as possible when you Fight. If you have more Mob than you have items, spend some of your well-earned income on some items for them to carry.

You might think a way to deal the most damage possible is by fighting weaker opponents, but not so fast! The amount of Damage you deal is affected by a lot of different variables, including your own Max Health and the Max Health of your opponent. Simply put, if you attack someone with a lower Maximum Health Stat than you, you will likely inflict less damage than if you fought someone with an equal or better Max Health. Take on someone your own size to get the biggest bang for your buck!