If you think someone is going to put a Hit out on you, you can pay Cash, Stamina and Energy to set up a Rigged Ignition.

This will fire the next time they try to Hitlist you, killing them instantly!
Every player has a base price you must pay to set an Rigged Ignition, which is determined by their hourly income. If the player's income increases, so does the cost to set a Rigged Ignition.

If someone is placing more Ignitions and Hits against you than you have placed against them, then the Ignition price will decrease. There is no hard limit on how far this price can drop. Only Hitlist and Rigged Ignitions influence pricing, other aggressive actions have no effect on the amount paid to Rig an Ignition

It's important to note that you cannot get off someone's Rival Record by dying via a Rigged Ignition — once you heal back up, your Rival will still be able to attack you normally, even if you are outside their normal level range, until the 24 hour period expires (assuming you don't continue to hit them back, which would extend the timer.)

To set a Rigged Ignition, navigate to a player’s profile.

Hit “Rig Ignition” and a warning will pop up telling you the cost of doing so.

If successful, the game will inform you that a rigged ignition has been set!

To manage your Rigged Ignitions, go to “FIGHT”, then “Rival Mobs” then click the “Ambushes AND Rigged Ignitions” Tab