Want to try your chances at snagging a sweet new item for a fraction of its value? Buying a crate will award you with one of 18 possible items, including legendary items which cannot be obtained anywhere else in the game.

Possible crate rewards are split up into 4 tiers of rarity:
Legendary - 10% chance
Rare - 30% chance
Uncommon - 50% chance
Common - 10% chance

There are three different kinds of crates, which deliver items that are more attack-focused, more defense-focused, or balanced in their strengths.

To see the possible items and their chances of appearing, go to the Items Crates page and click on the crate you'd like to view.

Different Crates will have varying item drops rates, you can find the information on a crates drop rates by clicking on the info icon next to the crate. To find the Crates page, navigate to the “Godfather Tab”, then “Item Crates”.